Click and Collect Vending

What do we mean when we talk about ‘Click and Collect’ vending machines?

Well sometimes we take the most familiar things for granted, and don’t think about how useful they really are. Click and collect vending machines? It is what they have always been.

Convenient and Safe?

Absolutely! All Day Vending machines have always been a great way to get snacks and drinks conveniently at your place of work or leisure facility. But since the start of the pandemic they have come into their own as a socially distanced and COVID safe way to buy. No travelling to the shop! No queues to get into the shop! And you can choose and pay for what you want without coming close to anyone. They are the original ‘Click & Collect’ retail option.

What about paying?

Paying for your vended items is also safer. You can now use contactless payment methods at All Day Vending Click and Collect machines using Visa and Mastercard cards and mobile payments like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Paying with cash is safer too! All Day Vending machines give change in silver coins. Because of the way the coin mechanisms work, any coins you receive in your change are likely to have been in the machine for some time without being touched. This reduces the risk of passing on any infection.

Even touching the machine has no more risk than using a door handle. There are now anti-microbial films for vending machines such as Crane’s Safetouch and this ‘delivers over 99.99% proven protection’. As a result click and collect vending machines can be even safer.

Looking to buy vending machines to run yourself? We can can make this as ‘Click and Deliver’ as you wish; we can work with you remotely to get the right machine to you

Concerned about your staff, customers or colleagues safety? Well we hope you can see that a click & collect vending machine from All Day Vending is the smart choice. Get in touch.

Free Chocolate!

Free Cadbury Orange Twirl! Yes Cadbury Twirl Orange is back and we are giving them away free. Give us a call to arrange a free covid safe site survey for one of our vending machines. We will bring you a free Cadbury Orange Twirl. What are you waiting for?